I’m posting this gif almost entirely because of this mans untuck…

dbz landing.

for a while i thought this was just reversed, but then i realised that you can’t reverse the landing.. WHAT THE FUCK. How you do that son?!

i can barely get out of bed without tripping

and then there’s this asshole

This is some graceful, superhero shit right here. 



“There was a crash as Holmes’s pistol came down on the man’s head. I had a vision of him sprawling upon the floor with blood running down his face while Holmes rummaged him for weapons.”

Illustration by Howard K. Elcock for “The Adventure of the Three Garridebs”, The Strand Magazine, January 1925.

Remember, kids: don’t shoot Watson. Ever.

“It’s nothing, Holmes. It’s a mere scratch.”
He had ripped up my trousers with his pocket-knife.
“You are right,” he cried with an immense sigh of relief. “It is quite superficial.” His face set like flint as he glared at our prisoner, who was sitting up with a dazed face. “By the Lord, it is as well for you. If you had killed Watson, you would not have got out of this room alive. Now, sir, what have you to say for yourself?”

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*brings plastic knife to a gang fight*

Brittle, cheap plastic knives are actually pretty great weapons if you file the end down to a point, you can stab someone and then torque your wrist to shatter the plastic blade inside the wound. It’s pretty effective if you do it near a joint or in the gut as those places move a lot and cause the broken shards to shift around.

oh my god


Writer? Murderer? You’ll never know.

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